Weddings are the most beautiful memories we make to look back one day and be happy that you went with what you wanted. While the wedding industry has evolved over the years with a modernistic approach to celebrate your BIG day, it is always ideal to choose everything that works best in your budget and style.

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding day, but a print or a digital is such a debatable topic in the wedding stationary world! While you have to keep tradition and etiquette in mind, there still are a few perks of sending a digital invitation.

Let’s think through the paperless & digital invitations pros to let you choose the one that makes sense to you on your BIG day!

Why Digital Invitations?

  1. Lower Cost: The most beneficial part of a digital invitation is the cost savings. It’s not just about the printing but also the delivering expenses that makes you thoughtful to choose digital over print.
  2. Eco-friendly: You can contribute to a greener world by choosing to go digital for your wedding announcement from save-the-dates to reception and definitely take pride in eliminating the paper waste in any way whatsoever.
  3. Less Hassle–Just think: No licking envelopes, no writing recipients and their addresses until your hand starts paining, this time-consuming task can actually be curtailed if you go digital!
  4. Your designs will flow: With digital invitations, you have a free creative space to design some incredible invitations from 3D Animations to motion with music, all stationary synced in the same design suite.

Going paperless just does not save money but contributes towards the environment with the right approach and attention to details.

Why Print Invitations?

  1. A style is the first thing you get of paper invitations: We often hear people saying ‘it’s just a paper they are going to throw away!’ It’s not just a paper, when you receive a gorgeous invitation that is uber thick paper along with some loose flowers, sweet box, wax seal or gifts! Aren’t you inviting your guests in an extraordinary way? They definitely bring flair and the old-school charm with it!
  2. These are the “keepsake”: You cannot beat traditional invitations when it is about admiring, and cherishing this beautiful charm as a ‘keepsake’ of your ‘d-day’!
  3. Everyone has a home address, not everyone has an email address: How about announcing your BIG day to your beloved grandma by personally visiting her and handing over the traditional card? This moment in itself is a precious one and you’ll treasure her expressions forever but you may miss out on this moment if you go for a digital invitation because she belongs to a generation where meeting people was the only way of expressing love and building bonds.

So there you go to create all the panache of an invitation be it traditional or digital, your BIG day is a dream, make it happen the way you wish to witness by getting in touch with Mubaarak by TBOS.

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